Audrey El-Gamil Gives Presentation to the AOPA National Assembly in San Antonio, TX

On October 10, Audrey El-Gamil gave a presentation to the AOPA National Assembly in San Antonio, Texas, entitled, “Projecting the Adequacy of Workforce Supply to Meet Patient Demand”.

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Al Dobson Presents at the NAACOS Fall 2015 Conference in Washington, D.C.

Al Dobson presented to the NAACOS Fall 2015 Conference in Washington, D.C. The presentation was entitled, “Data Warehouse and Preliminary Analytic Activities”.

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Al Dobson Gives Presentation to the AHA Post-Acute Care Steering Committee

In early October, Al Dobson gave a presentation to the AHA Post-Acute Care Steering Committee, entitled “Pressures on LTCH and IRF Utilization under Value-Based Purchasing”.

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Randall Haught and Al Dobson Presented at MedPAC

Randall Haught and Al Dobson presented an alternative post-acute care payment model to MedPAC staff on October 5, 2015.

Al Dobson Gives Presentation to the Allied Hospital Associations at the A2HA 2015 Fall Meeting

In September, Al Dobson gave a presentation entitled “Value-Based Purchasing: A More Efficient Health Care System Through ‘Creative Destruction’”, to the Allied Hospital Associations at the A2HA 2015 Fall Meeting in Baltimore.

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Greg Berger Co-Authors HealthAffairs Blog

In September, Greg Berger, along with co-author David Introcaso, wrote a HealthAffairs Blog entitled “MSSP Year Two: Medicare ACOs Show Muted Success”.

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Joan DaVanzo Presents to AAMC CMMI CORE Steering Committee

On September 15, Joan DaVanzo presented to AAMC CMMI CORE Steering Committee on Health Care Innovation Challenge Award Year 1 progress on payment model development for eConsult. Her presentation was entitled, “Developing the Sustainable Payment Model & Engaging Commercial Payers”.

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Dobson | DaVanzo’s Medicare DSH Payment Impact Analyses Published in the FY 2016 IPPS Final Rule

While providing technical assistance to CMS, Dobson | DaVanzo conducted analyses on the impact of Medicare DSH payments for FY 2016 Final Rule by hospital characteristic. Dobson | DaVanzo analyzed the Medicare Cost Report to determine the change in estimated DSH payments for eligible hospitals by hospital characteristic from FY 2015 to FY 2016.  Dobson | DaVanzo also analyzed and prepared responses to public comments related to Medicare DSH payments under Section 3133.

CMS References Dobson | DaVanzo’s Research in Proposing Payment for SRT in the FY 2016 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule NPRM

Dobson | DaVanzo conducted a RUC-like survey to determine the appropriate work and practice expense inputs for providing superficial radiation therapy (SRT). The analyses and model spreadsheets that re-engineered the Medicare payment with alternate input assumptions were shared with CMS and were used to inform CMS’ proposed payment rates included in the FY 2016 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule NPRM. Consistent with Dobson | DaVanzo’s analysis, CMS proposed to adjust the equipment inputs and is seeking further stakeholder comment on increasing physician work and other practice expense inputs.

Dobson | DaVanzo Developed BPCI Monthly Manager, in Concert with Dixon Hughes Goodman

In concert with Dixon Hughes Goodman Healthcare, produced “Bundled Payment Analytic Tools, BPCI Monthly Manager”, powered by Dobson | DaVanzo, which was released early this summer.

Dobson | DaVanzo Study Finds That 340B Hospitals Focus Services on Vulnerable Patient Populations

Dobson DaVanzo & Associates was commissioned by 340B Health to determine the extent to which disproportionate share (DSH) hospitals enrolled in the 340B drug pricing program focus their services on vulnerable patient populations. Under the 340B program, safety-net hospitals and other health care providers that serve the poor in large numbers can buy prescription drugs for less. Congress intended for them to use the savings to stretch scarce resources and provide more services to more patients. We found that:

• As a percentage of total patient care costs, 340B DSH hospitals provide nearly twice as much care as non-340B hospitals – 41.9 percent versus 22.8 percent – to Medicaid beneficiaries and low-income Medicare patients.

• 340B hospitals provide nearly 30 percent more uncompensated care than non-340B hospitals –  $24.6 billion to $17.5 billion. Although 340B hospitals accounted for only 35 percent of all hospitals included in the analysis, 340B hospitals provided 58 percent of all uncompensated care. In addition, when taking hospital size into account and looking at uncompensated care as a percent of total patient care costs, 340B hospitals across all hospital sizes provided consistently high levels of uncompensated care.

• A higher percentage of 340B DSH hospitals provide public health and specialized services – many of which are unprofitable but essential to their communities – than non-340B hospitals.

“Three metrics have been used in the literature to describe safety-net hospitals: 1) provision of services to vulnerable populations, 2) a disproportionate amount of uncompensated care, and 3) type of care provided,” said author Joan DaVanzo. “Our analyses found that DSH hospitals participating in the 340B program surpass non-340B hospitals on all three criteria, regardless of size.”

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Dobson | DaVanzo Attend PHI 2015 Conference for Post-Acute and Hospital Leaders

Al Dobson and Joan DaVanzo attended the PHI 2015 Conference, "Bridging The Continuum of Care: Hospital & Post-Acute Care Integration", at the Mayflower Hotel, Washington, DC. Dr. Dobson also chaired a session entitled, "New Approaches for Discharging Hospital Patients to Post-Acute Care".

Dobson | DaVanzo to Celebrate Eight Year Anniversary!


Dobson | DaVanzo is proud to announce that we will celebrate our eighth anniversary on May 15th. Over the past eight years, the firm has expanded to a seasoned staff of fifteen full-time employees, and continues to grow. We have also had the opportunity to develop relationships with wonderful new clients, and have deepened our relationships with existing clients. Over the past year, we have been extensively involved in accountable care organizations (ACO) and bundling analytics, and are currently providing monthly reports to a variety of Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) bundling partners. We have also expanded our government contracting work.

We look forward to continued interesting and challenging projects as the healthcare marketplace continues to explore how to more efficiently provide higher quality health care.


Dr. Dobson Presents at NAACOS Spring Conference in Baltimore, Maryland

Al Dobson gave a presentation , "Evaluating Shared Savings Payment Policies and Promoting Data-Driven Decision-Making in the Medicare MSSP ACO Program", at the National Association of Accountable Care Organizations (NAACOS) Spring Conference, in Baltimore on April 2, 2015.

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Dobson | DaVanzo Participates in National News Conference to Release a Study Estimating the Impact of Deferring Provider Payment for RAC Appeals Until After ALJ Determinations: Study Commissioned by American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association (AOPA)

Today Dobson | DaVanzo released a study that estimates the potential Medicare savings for deferring provider payments for RAC appeals until after Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) hearing determination (Level 3).  Due to significant delays in the ALJ process, requests for hearings often take around 30 months until review and determination is received, resulting in significant interest payments for CMS when reimbursing providers for successful appeals. The study analyzed data from the Office of Medicare Hearing and Appeals (OMHA) and testimony from a Chief ALJ Judge to estimate the Medicare savings for avoided interest payments under this policy.  This study focuses on the savings for RAC audits for O&P services, as well as all Medicare Part B services associated with RAC Level 3 audits.

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