Dobson | DaVanzo Turns 10!

On Monday, May 15th, Dobson DaVanzo & Associates, LLC celebrated its ten-year anniversary at The Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC. Many colleagues and friends came to share our success. Ten years ago, Dobson | DaVanzo started with a staff of three, working at the kitchen table at the owners' house, and has since grown from three people to twenty. The firm performs health economics and policy studies for government and commercial clients, influencing public decisions, and appearing in legislation and regulation. Our client list is extensive, representing a broad spectrum of influential health care system stakeholders. We are thankful to all of our clients and friends who have supported us over the past ten years, and who will continue to support us over the next ten!

Alex Hartzman and Kimberly Rhodes Author “Accountable Care Organizations and Disparities,” a Letter to the Editor Published in Health Affairs, a Leading Health Policy Journal

Alex Hartzman and Kimberly Rhodes Author “Accountable Care Organizations and Disparities,” a letter to the editor published in the May 2017 issue of Health Affairs. The letter discusses ACOs and their potential to reduce disparities in care quality for minority populations. To read the article click here.

Steven Heath Authors Blog for The Public Health Post Titled "The Importance of Medicaid DSH Payments"

Steven Heath authors a blog for The Public Health Post titled "The Importance of Medicaid DSH Payments". To read Steven's blog click here.

The Alliance for Home Health Quality and Innovation Releases Data Analysis from Dobson | DaVanzo on the Value of Home Health in the Medicare Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Payment Model

The Alliance for Home Health Quality and Innovation released the data analysis study from Dobson | DaVanzo, entitled, " Data Analysis Underscores Value of Home Health in the Medicare Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Payment Model." The data was released in an online article on Morning Consult entitled "When Seeking Value, Look to Home Health Care." To read this article and access the data click here.

Dobson | DaVanzo's Report "Estimating the Impact of Repealing the Affordable Care Act on Hospitals" Featured on PBS News Segment

Dobson | DaVanzo's report to American Hospital Association (AHA) and the Federation of American Hospitals (FAH), "Estimating the Impact of Repealing the Affordable Care Act on Hospitals", was featured on a PBS news segment Monday, December 12. To view this broadcast click here.

Dobson | DaVanzo Co-Authors "For Disproportionate-Share Hospitals, Taxes, and Fees Curtail Medicaid Payments" Article Published in Health Affairs Magazine

Al Dobson and Joan DaVanzo co-authored an article published in "Health Affairs" magazine that discussed their findings from 2011 in regards to disproportionate-share hospitals. To read the abstract from this article click here

FAH and AHA Release Dobson | DaVanzo Report on Potential Repeal of Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the Impact it Would Have on Hospitals

The Federation of American Hospitals (FAH), and the American Hospital Association (AHA), together have released Dobson | DaVanzo report, entitled, "Estimating the Impact of Repealing the Affordable Care Act on Hospitals", which can be viewed here.

Al Dobson Gives Presentation to the National Association of Long Term Hospitals (NALTH)

Al Dobson gave the presentation at the Omnishore Hotel for the 2016 annual NALTH conference. The presentation titled, "ACOs and Bundling Part 2: Thriving and Surviving Under Payment and Delivery System Change" can be accessed here.

Dobson | DaVanzo Analysis Shows That the Need for Psychiatric Services in Inpatient Hospitals Continues to Grow

Dobson | DaVanzo conducted an annual membership survey for the National Association of Psychiatric Health Systems (NAPHS), which compiled data on types of services provided, bed categories, utilization and payer mix.  Data was analyzed and presented in snapshot form for the year under study, and in trend from using data from previous years. Results were recently published in The 2016 NAPHS Annual Survey.


Dobson | DaVanzo’s Medicare DSH Payment Impact Analyses Published in the FY 2017 IPPS/LTCH PPS Final Rule

While providing technical assistance to CMS, Dobson | DaVanzo conducted analyses on the impact of Medicare DSH payments on eligible IPPS hospitals in FY 2017 based on methodology put forth in the FY 2017 IPPS/LTCH PPS Final Rule. Dobson | DaVanzo analyzed the Medicare Cost Reports to determine the change in estimated DSH payments for eligible hospitals by select hospital characteristics from FY 2016 to FY 2017.  Dobson | DaVanzo also analyzed and prepared responses to public comments related to Medicare DSH payments under Section 3133 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Dobson | DaVanzo Co-Authors a Milbank Quarterly Study

In a recently published Milbank Quarterly study, Dobson | DaVanzo developed a financial simulation for determining the savings to Medicare that could accrue if frail elderly and disabled people could receive care in MediCaring communities. This model of care was developed by lead author Joanne Lynn, of Altarum Institute. The study showed that communities could implement the MediCaring model within current Medicare and Medicaid spending levels. To read the study, please click here.

Al Dobson Gives Presentation to the Home Care Association of New York State

Al Dobson recently gave a presentation to the Home Care Association of New York State, entitled, "The Federal Value-Based Purchasing Landscape: The Priority of Value-Based Purchasing Initiatives and How Home Care Can Best Participate". To read this presentation, please click here.

Al Dobson Gives Webinar Presenation to NAACOS Membership

Al Dobson gave a webinar presentation to NAACOS membership, which provided ACOs the ability to evaluate their performance relative to "peer groups", in areas such as demographic spending, utilization, and quality measures.

Al Dobson Presents at AdvaMed's Payment Policy Conference in Crystal City, Virginia

Al Dobson gave a presentation at AdvaMed's Payment Policy Conference, on the topic: Managing Healthcare Spending and Cost: From Fee-for-Service to ACOs & Beyond. To read his presentation, entitled, "Post-Acute Care Provider Dynamics in an Alternative Payment Model World", please click here.

Dobson | DaVanzo Releases Study Comparing Pediatric Dental Practices Across Medicaid Providers and States

The Benevis Foundation released a report prepared by Dobson | DaVanzo that compares the dental utilization and monthly Medicaid expenditures for patients who received care by a Kool Smiles provider – a national children’s dental provider – to non-Kool Smiles providers. Using government-provided data for seven states, the report compares the utilization and Medicaid expenditure trends for diagnosis, restorative, and extractions services for both types of providers who operate within the same geographic area. The study found that within and across states over time, Kool Smiles is a low-cost and conservative provider of dental service for Medicaid patients.

To access the Full Report, please click here. For Executive Summary, please click here. To access the Presentation, please click here.