Dobson | DaVanzo subcontracts with BAH for the Evaluation of Network of Quality Improvement and Innovation Contractors

Published Thursday, October 1, 2020

Dobson | DaVanzo is pleased to announce its continued partnership over the next five years with Booz Allen Hamilton's (BAH) Independent Evaluation Center to evaluate hospital and clinician focused improvement initiatives related to large scale interventions in the fields of Behavioral Health, Chronic Disease Management, Patient Safety, Quality of Care Transitions, Long Term Care and response to the COVID-19 emergency and preparedness. As subcontractor to BAH, Dobson | DaVanzo will collaborate on technical aspects of the development and implementation of formative and impact evaluations as well as on innovative techniques to estimate a Return on Investment to CMS. This work is a continuation of Dobson | DaVanzo’s past subcontracting work for BAH, in which impact evaluation and ROI estimates were produced for CMS related to the Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organizations (QIN-QIOs) 11th Statement of Work.