Dobson | DaVanzo Hosts Webinars for Academic Centers and Hospitals to Understand FUS APC Payments

Published Friday, September 25, 2020

Dobson | DaVanzo has been helping manufacturers and service providers of focused ultrasound (FUS) devices in understanding how CMS sets Ambulatory Payment Classification (APC) payment amounts in the outpatient setting. The project entails tracking how providers bill Medicare for a code in relationship to the cost of delivering the service. The key is that the provider bills Medicare “charges.” Medicare then steps these charges down to costs using the hospital’s cost-to-charge ratio (CCR x charges = costs) and sets payments at these estimated costs. Through workshops and webinars, Dobson | DaVanzo has been able to discuss with a number of academic medical centers and their various financial departments how the decisions on Revenue Center selection, setting, and charge levels influence eventual CMS APC payments.