Dobson | DaVanzo's Expertise Can Help Determine the Feasibility of Performing Claims Analyses to Ascertain the Value Proposition for New Technologies

Published Thursday, March 5, 2020

Dobson| DaVanzo has long-standing experience in conducting feasibility studies. These studies assess whether Medicare claims can be used to demonstrate the value proposition of medical technologies, procedures and policy changes. Our knowledge of publicly available and proprietary claims and financial datasets combined with our thorough understanding of clinical treatment pathways enables us to paint a picture of a medical product’s utilization and payment over time as the technology diffuses. We help ascertain the way forward for new technologies by determining whether there is an adequate sample size in the data, both to create the treatment group as well as the best matched comparison group. We also determine the best outcome variables to be used to demonstrate value in healthcare and economic outcomes. These analyses help clients to truly understand the use of their technology in specific situations. A feasibility study demonstrating a sufficient sample size is generally followed by a health economics and outcomes study that provides vital information on demographics and comparative cost outcomes. These studies can also take the form of market analyses, enabling our clients to make a plausible case for new technologies and their pay