Dobson | DaVanzo Consultants Analyze Financial Impact of Medicaid Work Requirement on Kentucky Hospitals

Published Thursday, November 8, 2018

In a blog post for The Commonwealth Fund, Dobson | DaVanzo discusses how the work requirements placed on Medicaid enrollees in the Commonwealth of Kentucky would negatively impact hospital finances and increase the number of uninsured individuals in Kentucky.

This study, performed by Dobson | DaVanzo’s Randy Haught, Al Dobson, Ph.D., and Phap-Hoa Luu, M.B.A., indicates that beginning in 2019, the Kentucky Medicaid 1115 waiver (Kentucky HEALTH) would result in a significant number of enrollees losing Medicaid coverage. Other findings are that Medicaid work requirements would reduce safety-net hospital revenues while increasing uncompensated care costs thereby reducing hospital operating margins.