Dobson | DaVanzo Prepares for Submitting Publications to Peer Reviewed Journals

Published Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Dobson | DaVanzo routinely assists clients who wish to submit their studies to peer reviewed journals. Our analysts and data scientists help to develop the “story line,” and tailor the content and format to the requirements of the selected journal. Our studies range from econometric analyses of legislation or Medicare regulation to more clinically oriented retrospective longitudinal cohort studies of patient outcomes using Medicare claims. Recent examples are "Economic Value of Orthotic and Prosthetic Services Among Medicare Beneficiaries: A Claims-Based Retrospective Cohort Study, 2011–2014", appearing in the Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation in 2018 and "An Economic Evaluation of the Impact, Cost, and Medicare Policy Implications of Chronic, Nonhealing Wounds", appearing in Value in Health in 2018. Other studies have been published in a wide variety of journals such as Health Economics, Health Affairs, The Milbank Quarterly, Surgical Technology International, Military Medicine, and Journal of Vascular Access. We are currently preparing three manuscripts for clients based on our analysis of the 100 percent Medicare files.