COVID-19 Modeling

Dobson | DaVanzo has a working hospital demand model (stress-tested by state health officials and academic researchers) as well as locally adjusted risk assessment models to help our clients with COVID-19 planning and response activities. We are finding that local context matters tremendously. While there are publicly available models which forecast a surge in hospital demand, these models can show very different projections. As such, it can be helpful to work with an analyst to model your specific understanding of the unfolding pandemic while applying information specific to your operational context. Dobson | DaVanzo works with clients to find the best possible data in their state, examine the differential spread of the disease and data by county, and include information about health system capacity to build actionable model outputs. We are also working to extend our modeling to post-acute care and other services as it relates to the risk of providers, their patients and the recovery of those infected by COVID-19.