Sung Kim

Senior Data Associate
(703) 468-9246

Sung Kim is a Senior Data Associate at Dobson | DaVanzo.  He has broad experience in data management, data analysis, data validation, and system support.  Currently, Mr. Kim is working on a project for the home health community entitled CACEP2 (Clinically Appropriate and Cost-Effective Placement 2). This project seeks to determine savings to the Medicare program if beneficiaries received post-acute care in the best care setting. He is also working on a 5-year evaluation of the Medicare IVIG (Intravenous immunoglobulin) Access Demonstration. He serves as the lead programmer for the evaluation. Mr. Kim also works on a project examining the savings to Medicare that accrue from ACO’s (accountable care organizations) over time. His work on these and other projects comprises large scale econometric analyses using research identifiable Medicare claims in the CMS Virtual Research Data Center (VRDC). Other projects include data warehousing and compiling and analyzing CMS files for Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI), replicating the Home Health Groupings Model (HHGM), and fulfilling ad-hoc requests from clients to produce reports using descriptive and multivariate statistics. Mr. Kim recently completed a study that uses recent claims data to describe the current utilization and cost of wound care in Medicare by wound type, especially in the case of non-healing wounds.

In addition to Mr. Kim’s technical background, he has experience as a Business Analyst. Prior to joining Dobson | DaVanzo, Mr. Kim was a SAS Programmer/Data Analyst for a large technology consulting company.  He planned, designed, and created SAS datasets, and helped to build multiple predictive and simulation models for clients. Mr. Kim was also responsible for creating the design, build, and maintenance of SAS datasets required for analytical purposes such as population segmentation and targeting, historical/predictive modeling, and metric measurement read-outs. Mr. Kim worked with government contractors where he served as a liaison between the client and a team of developers.  He “owned” implementation of several functionalities/products for different projects and led a team of developers throughout the whole life cycle of a functionality/product, to deliver and release new enhancements and improvements.

Mr. Kim earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from George Mason University.

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