Roger Hasselbrink

Data Associate
(703) 722-8947

Roger Hasselbrink is a SAS Programmer at Dobson | DaVanzo who has extensive experience working with Tricare Military Healthcare Data including service records, ancillary service data, inpatient and outpatient data. He has developed testing & evaluation routines and performed large scale data management services. Mr. Hasselbrink also has worked with population data, providing transaction- based programming and analyses of incoming data to compare against historical trends. Since joining Dobson | DaVanzo, Mr. Hasselbrink has worked with monthly data submissions for clients participating in the CMS Bundled Payment for Care Improvement – Advanced (BPCI-A) initiative. Each month he examines each client’s identified MS-DRG families, producing reports on episode expenditures, length of stay, readmissions, trends over time, and other features.  In addition to BPCI,-A Mr. Hasselbrink has also performed the programming and analyses for the evaluation of an innovative electronic referral and consultation program adopted by several academic medical centers  for the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).  This project was funded under a round two Health Care Innovation Award (HCIA) grant. Other projects include the usage of the Python language purposed for geospatial programming involving crow fly and driving distances between coordinates and postal addresses, Excel automation, API programming, and diagnosis condition category relationships through Apriori technologies. Mr. Hasselbrink has created and updated processing and documentation for statistical procedures across the firm.  He also has experience in assessing routine data and processing quality for several organizations by testing code changes. Mr. Hasselbrink has worked in SAS for 10+ years and achieved his SAS v9 certification in 2011.

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