Randy Haught

Senior Data Manager
(703) 722-8944

Randy Haught is a Senior Data Manager at Dobson | DaVanzo and brings more than 25 years of experience performing analysis of Medicare and Medicaid payment policies and major health care reform legislation. While at Dobson | DaVanzo, Mr. Haught has worked for a range of organizations to assist them with their Health Care Innovations applications to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) by providing financial analysis and consulting on payment models and innovations. He is currently working on a project with CMS, Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services to review Medicaid DSH and UPL submissions from each state to identify gaps in the methodologies used by states, as well as gaps in the data submission and review process.

He has developed episode groupers using Medicare claims data for the Bundled Payments for Care Improvements (BPCI) and analyzed episode-level data to assist clients in identifying issues and evaluating whether to participate in the Medicare payment initiative. Our analyses include estimating BPCI target prices, evaluating risk track selection, selecting clinical episode groups and episode initiators for entering the risk bearing period. We also developed a data warehouse to compile monthly claims data from CMS to help clients monitor trends in key metrics, track patients and performance, and reconcile episode costs with CMS.

Prior to joining Dobson | DaVanzo, Mr. Haught worked at The Lewin Group where he focused on data analysis and microsimulation modeling of health care financing and policy related issues. Mr. Haught was the architect of The Lewin Group’s Health Benefit Simulation model, which was used to estimate the impacts of major health care reform proposals and most recently the Affordable Care Act (ACA). At the national level, Mr. Haught worked with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to help the VA better understand the likely impact of the ACA on VA and Veterans. He also worked for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE) to model the impact of various health care reform options on coverage and federal costs, which included various aspects of President Obama’s health reform plan. At the state-level, Mr. Haught directed major studies of the impact of implementing or not implementing Medicaid expansion under the ACA for the Department of Health and Human Services in New Hampshire and Alaska.

Mr. Haught has extensive experience in Medicare and Medicaid payment policy analysis. He has worked with numerous state hospital associations to assess the adequacy and accuracy of their Medicaid payment systems including the Minnesota Hospital Association and the Kentucky Hospital Association. He also directed a study for the Pennsylvania Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to examine the adequacy of Medicaid hospital payment rates in the state.

Mr. Haught graduated with honors in Mathematics from Waynesburg College.




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